Wednesday, April 29, 2015

just a swingin'

Are you one of those people who drive by the Cracker Barrel restaurant
and drool over all the rocking chairs on the porch?
That's me.
Someday I would love a wrap around porch with rockers.
And .. a swinging bed type thing on the back porch for napping.
That would be the dream.
Kind of like this bad pictures I pulled off Google.

Or this one.

However, within the last week I've added some porch swings to my patio.
They aren't white.
They aren't the adult version.
They won't even fit Tia who would really like to climb in.

They do elicit the greatest smiles and giggles.
From both babies and adults alike.
I'll wait on the white stuff for the big peeps.

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