Monday, April 13, 2015

camping in a flash

I have one of the longest days in history coming up tomorrow but wanted to share a few photos with you from our weekend.

It started out a little interesting. Within the first hour we had a rattlesnake sighting and a swarm of bees moving over our heads. It got better from there ... in a hurry.

Yes. They were cold.
But they're young.
God's beautiful creation.

The penthouse suites.
This is sort of rattler season and they were making us a wee bit cautious.
The tents went up on the trailer.
Worked perfect!
Like serious. Pristine fencing on the front porch and everything!

Just so you know. These are not our toys. These aren't even our kids.
But they sure were ready to ride!
Kind of looks like the lines at the gas stations during a gas shortage or something.
Miles and miles they drove ...
helmeted and in circles.

We are hoping he has a love of wrenches at some point in life.
At this moment he was a happy boy.
He's doing some serious molar cutting and is not the happiest boy on the block.

Our littlest ever loves.
Now we are talking serious joy.
The kind of I never knew existed until a year ago.

I love that our kids enjoy the outdoors as much as we do.
I know the others would have loved to be there this weekend and couldn't be.
Actually, we were missing our boys and their brides.
We had all of the girls.

This week is going to be hopping.
Monday thru Thursday working with some very long days in there.
Brock & Bridget should be here Wednesday!!!!
Family dinner Thursday evening.
More family flying into town Thursday.
Friday wedding rehearsal and dinner.
Saturday .... the biggest day of their lives for Blayde & Charlene.

It's a really big one for us as well.
We gain another daughter.

There is joy everywhere.

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