Friday, August 14, 2015

finding fifty: a case of put it where it belongs

At the moment there are two of us who live here.
Both of us are over the age of .... yeah, that.
So when I open the refrigerator and find this .....

as long as I've not been home alone for a week and missed it somehow, I can safely place the blame elsewhere.


Because I think this is worse than placing an empty milk jug in the refrigerator.
Like, really, you just took the jug of milk out of the fridge.
It only makes sense to put it back there.
But the canning jar aka cup you used to drink your orange juice?

Maybe you got up a bit too early this morning after all!
After all, we know that putting things exactly where you took them from ensures you might just find them again.
It doesn't ever guarantee it, but it helps.
Being as the memory is going, the post it notes are plastered everywhere, the notebooks of lists are piled into drawers, putting things in proper places helps.
Then your mind is off somewhere and you're running on auto pilot and oops!
You fall right off the track.

And the glass ends up in the fridge.
'Cause maybe you forgot that you already ate your breakfast this morning?

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