Friday, August 28, 2015

finding fifty: rapids to prunes

I didn't know I was capable.
I hadn't even considered that I might be.

Many of those rapids filled my kayak with a wonderful spray of water
and left me to sit in it ... sometimes for hours.

Which leads me to dishpan hands.
If you're any kind of person, you've washed dishes by hand.
If you're from any size family, you've washed a lot of them by hand.
And when you're done, you've got these hands that are wrinkled up to worse than prunes.

So, in my many moments of meandering quiet thoughts over the weekend,
I sort of had to wonder.

If your hands can look that bad after a sink or two of dishes,
and you've now been sitting in a "tub" of water much longer than it takes to do those dishes,

what happened to the quality of the wrinkles that age has graced you with?

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