Friday, August 7, 2015

finding fity: love the old stuff

A while back I sold the dresser that we acquired with this.
The mirror never went to the dresser but came in the same truck load.
They were 3 of the pieces that we packed into a 20 foot trailer of our possessions
when we moved back.
The mirror has moved from place to place.
Finding a new perching spot here and there.
It was a very unfinished and beat up looking thing,
but I love it.
A bit of sandpaper, off white paint and a dusting of stain gave it life.
A hanging wire because these old things are rarely light weights
and it found a home.
The second piece was a nightstand that matched the dresser.
Our nightstands in our room are mismatched.
Jari's matches the dresser .. mine didn't match anything.
Until now.
It was naked. Bare. Boring. Sad.
Not a remnant of finish even existed anymore.
And it was on the list of old things to make young for several years.
It got the same treatment as the mirror did.

This one also received a coat of age defying polyurethane to keep it happy.
That little blue/purple bowl up there?
I'm a sentimental sort.
It holds all of the flowers removed from Jari's suit lapel following the weddings of our children.

It has lived a busy life .. sort of like all of us.
Needed a bit of rejuvenation ... like all of us do at times.
(If only a dip in the paint and stain vat would do the trick!)
Is well loved .. just like us.

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