Friday, August 21, 2015

finding fifty: kayaking the verde

I told you that I went kayaking in Minnesota on the Mississippi for several hours this past summer.
At least, I think I did.
That would be the extent of my kayaking experience. Ever.

Why this weekend, when it has only been 117 in Phoenix this week,, and we aren't exactly heading to the mountains to do this?
It is the only weekend available between here and later in October.

This morning we are off on a weekend adventure.
I have had some serious misgivings and anxieties about this little jaunt of ours.
I can't handle the heat. I get crabby (big surprise, hey?) real quick.
That has probably been my biggest concern.
I drink my cold drinks with ice and there won't be any which makes me sorta sad.

I'm not worried about the river or the fact that the weather could change on a dime and we could have flash floods and be swept who knows where.
Nope. Not worried about that at all. That would be my husband who is in charge of that.
He worries and plans enough for several families which might be a good thing.
We have some another very precious couple joining us in our excursion.

I'm concerned about creature comforts.
I can pee behind a tree with the best of the them.
I can sleep in a tent ... we bought a smaller one for this trip.
I can almost go without a shower for 3 days, but I'm on a muddy river for 3 days, so I might learn.
I'll find time for a soap bar somewhere along the way.
I'm worried that the left side of my body won't cooperate with me and that sitting in the same position for many hours straight is going to have me ready to scream.
I'll have to come up with a solution for that.

In preparation for this jaunt of ours, we are now owners of inflatable kayaks.
Jari says mine won't puncture ... and I'm hoping that his will be just as safe!
I wanted inflatable ones because I intend to put it to use other than on the river and want to be able to pack it in the trunk of my car. Check that one off the list!
Dry bags to pack our sleeping bags and clothes in.
A water filtration system to harvest drinking water from clear streams ... or muddy ones if we need to.
Life vests. Yup. Got new ones.
We have a jet boil for coffee and adding hot water to meals to hydrate them for eating.
A trip to Sprouts this week for a few more food items this week and we should have that packed into a small backpack and ready to tuck in somewhere.
Sunscreen ... might need a gallon of it.

We have a list that goes for probably pages of a small notebook.
Many of the items are checked off.
Jari will spend this week making sure every i is dotted and t is crossed.
GPS is updated with software and mapping. After all, I am married to Mr. Techie who needs to know where is he at all times and when the next bend in the river is coming.
Marine radio? Yup. We even have one of those. Where no cell service exists (like it won't here) the radio will call up any emergency personnel you need. A serious security blanket.
And even more importantly, rope to pull me along behind him because that upper body workout plan I had in mind became a crocheted rug instead.

Off we go ... 32 miles of quiet life uninterrupted by facebook or the phone ringing.
Fingers crossed for a river that is running fast enough to carry us and keep us from portaging, yet not fast enough to make it a breathless three days.
Anxiety and trepidation aside, we are off!

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