Saturday, August 15, 2015

this past week

I was recently summoned for jury duty and scheduled to appear this past Thursday.
I've never served on a jury and haven't been summoned in a very long time.
So, quite obviously, I had the day off to take care of my civic responsibility.
I called in the night before as instructed and was told to call back at 10:15 on Thursday to determine if I needed to be there at noon.
I then texted the boss to let her know that I could come in for the morning if she wanted me to.

She needs a dozen roses.
She told me to stay home and eat bonbons.

I did.

Then I called in at 10:15 and found myself excused!

Free Day!!

I have long weekends all the time, but one more day is a still a miracle.

I headed straight to multi tasking for hours and hours.
I've been working on a project that I can't share here, or anywhere for that matter.

While I was doing that, I spent some time crocheting those lovely strips of peachy flavored fabric into what will soon be a completed rug.
Mom, I was wrong. It will be done before you get here.

I tried my hand at candle making and started learning the difference between palm wax and soy wax. I don't like palm wax.
My candle surfaces remind me of moguls on a ski hill.
I have some learning to do.

I cleaned out parts of the kitchen cupboards and managed to stash a few things in a pile for the girls or Goodwill. And this evening while I paused in my writing here ... 2 pieces from the stash disappeared. I knew it!
I filled the trashcan with bread crumbs that expired a year ago.
Thursday night when I crawled into bed, I grabbed my camera and got a picture of this.
For the past 2 months, this has been my dimly lit view as my head hits the pillow at night.
Always facing the same direction and always seeing the same glow.
It has been a hiatus or vacation of sorts ... akin to a honeymoon.

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