Friday, November 6, 2015

from facebook to joy

This post has been skirting the edges of my brain for a while now. I see something and am reminded that I am bugged. It is like negative energy that shocks my brain waves every once in a while and reminds me that I wanted to write about it. Then the next thing comes along and it gets pushed to the back burner. In the meantime, my positive outlook and energy has been whittled away by someone else's negativity. None of which needs to be in my world.  None of which is going to stay in my world.

There is this miraculous unfollow button on Facebook.

I pushed it several times last week on different pages.

It was that easy.

And my world is that much brighter without being assailed by someone's anger at their childhood. Another's anger at certain segments of society that seem to be directed at themselves. (After which I went on a rampage myself, but I'm sure I'm allowed one. It probably won't happen again.)


Get. Over. It.

And if you can't get over it under your own power, go get some help.

It has gotten quite nauseating. It's kind of like rubber necking on the freeway. That horrible car accident that has everyone slowing so they can see the horror? The negative posts do the same thing. I seriously wonder if the authors of them know that and are doing it intentionally. Like a very good advertising campaign.

The very bright side is that now I have to go look for you to find that negativity.
It won't flash in my face as I scroll through pieces of other people's joy.

There is much in this life to be joyful about.
It doesn't matter where we've been.
It doesn't matter what we've been through.
Really it doesn't.

If joy isn't attainable ... then work to find a way to make it so.
We sort of like it over here.
That joy thing.

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  1. :-D I agree! Find the joy not the negative! Love the adorable pics too