Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the boys

Bridget was in town last week. She's still carrying the next little boy who will enter our world.
I can't wait to watch him grow as well. Just wish he was going to be a wee bit closer to us.
Aren't these two getting big?!
They both have big boy hair cuts and have become two peas in a pod.
My kitchen cabinets are way too much fun when they are here.
Together or alone ... it doesn't matter.
Together ... they just empty everything twice as fast.
It is amazing how fast the short age gap between them ceases to matter.
One follows the other around, investigating nonstop.

This photo was actually taken in October when the weather was still warm and the rain felt good.
Sunday they were both here running straight to the water as fast as they could. It didn't matter that the weather has cooled off and the rain was even chillier. Boys just love the water!

Garsh but I love these little munchkins!

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