Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday again??!!

Mummu says I write something every Monday.
She's right.
I told her it's because I have to rest on Sunday.
If Sunday wasn't the Sabbath Day ... I'd be working on projects of some kind or another.

So, it's Sunday evening again.
Tomorrow dawns another work week and a calendar filled to the brim with events and things to do.

This past week we had some very special people staying with us for a bit.
They've come back "home" to warm up for a bit and get those joints oiled with sunshine.
It has been especially special because I don't think they, or we, thought they would be here again.
The joints have loosened up and they've enjoyed seeing old friends.

And this particular evening we were treated to stories we had never heard before. Like this one.
Pappa walked into the house to find Riitta sitting on the stairs holding and petting a beaver. He, obviously, had to go about convincing her very calmly that the beaver would be better off in it's own environment outside. I really want to know how she managed to catch herself a beaver from the nearby pond!!! My heart stopped just imagining walking in on that!

Old friends are the best. Even phone photos manage to capture joy.

Thursday evening we took them to Black Canyon City and the Rock Springs Café to meet up with Heini. From there they headed up to Prescott. I hope they'll be back with us again sometime real soon!

As for me. This is the second piece of rhubarb pie a la mode that I've had in one week at that restaurant. My goal is to fit into a certain dress before the Christmas party.

At the rate I'm going ...
it's not looking likely!

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