Wednesday, November 25, 2015

it is a woman thing

Laina and I went to some yard sales on Saturday. At one-yard she found the necklace she is wearing. We came back to our house and went outside on the back patio to join everyone else. 

She was wondering how long it would take Pappa to realize that she was sporting some new bling. 

Now, to be fair, he is losing his eyesight and certainly wouldn't have seen her jewels where she was sitting. Not only is the eyesight failing, but there was a pole in the way.  

After a while she went and stood in front of him, going closer and closer and closer. She finally ended in this position where he guessed that she was wearing new jewelry!

Now this lovely couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in September and she still wonders if he will notice something new. 

For those of you who have been married or year or two ... it might be completely normal for him not to notice that you got a haircut. 

Just sayin'. 

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