Monday, March 21, 2016

last weekend

It was a busy week this past week .. it was.
Monday/Tuesday are my longer days at work. Normal stuff.
I love shoving all the work into the front part of the week.
Makes the downhill slide wonderful heading into a weekend.

I actually only worked those two days last week. Then it was on to vacation.
Spring break week for the doctor we work with ... means spring break week for me as well.

Which leads me to the rest of the week.

Alyx & Sebastian spent the night Tuesday night.
Alyx, Tarron & Jari were heading to Missouri Wednesday morning for four days.
Being as I was home and not working, I got the first round of babysitting.
I don't know what we did, but it is really easy to work (power tool kind of stuff) with this specific 2 year old around. And that we did!
We went to Bible Class in the evening and served up coffee.
I don't think he saw a church pew. He was a bit busy investigating and running around with his cousin.

To be honest, this is the first time I've had a grandkiddo spend the night!
Downright shameful.
It went extremely well. He snuggled with me all night and we slept like logs.

Thursday Wyatt joined us for a while.
Oh my goodness can those boys set the world ablaze!
There isn't any crafting business going on when the two are in the house.

They dump cupboards and play hide and seek in the empty cabinets.
They tussle over toys. They tag team other things.
They act like they're 6 months apart and quickly approaching their second birthdays.


Both boys think they're big kids now.
And they sorta are.
They are growing up way too fast.

Big enough to sit at the table and eat, but maybe let's just keep the blankie. Just in case.

Still not fully awake and ready to have at it again.
Let's get back into full motion slowly following that delicious nap!

I really do love the month of March.
My camera finds hands to hold it again.
Files of photos show up on my computer again.
Love March.

Anna took the boys home with her on Thursday and I started playing woodworking nana.
Saws and sanders probably keeping the neighbors awake.
Now I look around and wonder why it took so long to accomplish a few things.
Why on earth does it always take longer to get things done than one anticipates?!
Friday was more of the same. A lot more of the same.
Trips to Ace Hardware for spray paint that was on sale.
Another trip there for a new blade for the sawsall .. I finally learned to take pallets apart the easy way.
Paint got splashed around, stain was applied, some projects completed and others halfway.
I even managed to shred the 2015 paper piles that needed shredding.
Tax day is looming and I wonder if I'll make it.
I'd much rather be creating something than working on books.
Maybe it will be another extension again this year.

Saturday Sebastian came back to me again.
I think he was ready to see his parents again and be back at home.
He did awesome being away from them for his first time and I'll gladly take him again.
The look on his face when mom and dad were picked up at the airport ... priceless.
Pure happiness.
Nonstop smile.
Nana may be good, but there ain't nothin' like mom and dad.

We are camping several two weeks from now with these charmers .. and their parents.
There are limits to what I'll do without parents at this stage of the game!
It will be fun to follow them around with a camera.
Let's hope I can capture some fun things.

And if time is friendly and allows ... I'll be back to show you a few crafty things end of the week.

Happy Monday!

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