Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the age of ultrasound and pinterest

I knew the sex of each of my children before they were born.
One time they were wrong, but that doesn't count for much.
He was still welcome even if he was going to be a she.

Those days were long before Pinterest and the boatload of ideas for "baby reveal" photos.
I really can't call the baby by its chosen name until it is born.
Not only because, in our world of many babies, someone else might really like the name and use it first.
Maybe it is a superstitious thing.
I don't know.

My ultrasounds were long before Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were even thought of.
Not that I know how to use Twitter and don't really use Instagram either.
Like, really, how many social media outlets does a person need in their life?!

Way back when, I don't remember if I shared the sex of my baby before it was born.
I don't have a clue if I kept it a secret.
I just know that had Pinterest and all of its ideas been around back then ....
I'd probably have been doing what we did on Sunday.

Anna had her ultrasound on Tuesday of last week and passed the envelope, unopened (she seriously has more of something in her than I do) to her sister in law.
The dear sister in law took and ran with it.

This was the result.
Somewhere under this delectable sugary frosting substance lies the answer.
Will this be a brother or a sister?
Another son or a reason to shop for pink and lace?

Isn't anticipation a delightful thing?
Maybe not for Wyatt. He had no clue and was woken from a nap to share in this special cake.

And .... the color is ...

blue for boy!

After that slice she was told to try and cut the other side of the cake.
I don't know what happened to my camera's focusing ability here, but the other side yielded pink!
No, there aren't twins cooking ... just suspense building.
So we had cake!
Really yummy cake.

After which, came the rest of the deal.
Wyatt "held" the sign that we could all see, but his parents could not.
Gosh, but I love that part!!

And like clouds opening up overhead ... it rained blue on the family who is going to be blessed with another little boy.

I'm so excited for them.
Either way, we would all be excited.
My boys were 6 years apart and really didn't have much in common until they became adults.
These two little boys are going to be run circles around their parents!
I can't wait to watch!!

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