Monday, March 14, 2016

pizza nite

I'm thinking this is becoming an annual fundraiser.
The price to attend went up this year and the number of attendees did as well.
If they went home anywhere close to as stuffed as I did ...
I'd sign up next year too!

Nathan made his pizza oven.
I've added one to my wish list. Right behind sliding barn doors.

The fire was burning when we arrived to work.

Pizza dough for over 100 pizzas was bagged and waiting to be worked.
I know Mandy (the hostess) had been a bit stressed out.
Uhm. I wonder why?!!

The tables were decorated ...

Order sheets for the pizza of each individuals liking waited to be filled out to order.

And the boys got put to work.
Dough duty was happening outside while vegie chopping, and all that good stuff, was
going on in the kitchen.
No photos there. My hands were occupied with knives.

Nathan ... the pizza master.

I think this is a good indicator of what happens in this home and on this patio!
They're a lucky family.

The guests arrived.
They visited.
They ate. And they ate. And they ate.

While the men worked to serve up some mighty fine fare.
Gotta love even the order slips that float down the line!


Not only did I have to try multiple kinds of pizza, artichoke dip and yummy salad.
Then I had to sample desserts, following singing around bonfires.
One. After. Another.
Desserts that is.

If they'll welcome me on the committee putting this on again next year ... I'm in!

So much fun to do and, to be honest, I think I've spent today still in a food coma.

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