Wednesday, December 21, 2016

and so this is Christmas ....

Christmas can be such a crazy busy time of year for some.
For others, far away from loved ones or perhaps alone in the world, it can be the loneliest time.
For yet others, such as our own household, some appreciate the parties filled with crowds of people and others cannot handle that at all ... preferring small and quieter gatherings.
So we have to decline some invitations that would be so much fun to attend .. just too much for some to handle.
That's okay.
We make it to others.

Last Thursday evening we joined a smaller group for some Christmas festivities and visiting.

where we were heralded by carolers ...

and spent some precious moments visiting.

Friday morning it was up bright and early. The only day on the schedule for baking was filled. The girls came and helped ... and we filled containers with enough goodies to make it through the Christmas weekend!

Little helpers shaking on the sugar and stacking dough balls in a most precious way. Checkout that cookie sheet pile going on.

While yet others had a deep connection going on with a dear aunt.

Don't we all just have a favorite? Forget the cookie ... just dig out that chocolate!! He's a boy after my own heart for sure. You're really missing out if you've never seen his joy at seeing a piece of chocolate.

The babies who patiently, or impatiently, waited for moms to be done with baking business. Aren't they just precious?!

We were finished, and the mess cleaned up, in time for Jari and I to leave at 5:00 for the weekend. For several years now, we have vacated the house on this particular weekend, leaving Tia and her friends free to have a birthday party. Last year we were in California at a conference for me. The year before .. it was hotel time. This year .. we hoteled it again. It really isn't a bad deal. The Christmas shopping, creating, wrapping and shipping has been done ... with the exception of one Amazon thing I'm waiting on. The Christmas baking is done. It was a good weekend to relax and enjoy the company of dear hubby. We don't do that often enough anymore. And as I'm reminded in nearly every post on a new Caring Bridge site lately ... I need to focus more time and energy on the relationships I value in my life.

Which brings me to the Christmas season.

I have so many dear loved ones with whom I cannot stay connected. Life is crazy busy for me as it is for many of you. And for some of you ... it isn't busy. The days are long and lonely. Which ever walk of life is yours, you aren't alone in it.  There are others traveling that same path. Find a way to celebrate this beautiful season ... whether that way be a boisterous joy filled way or a quiet one .. celebrate the peace.

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