Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the quiet of christmas eve

I really don't like to leave ornaments in the box and not hang them.
Prelit trees? Well ... maybe parts of the tree.
The rest of the unlit tree ... it doesn't matter to me this year.
Barriers to keep the littles out of the wrapping paper ..
because we learned quickly that they do love paper!

Skype with dear parents far away.

Candles lit everywhere because this Christmas Eve we could.
Only the three of us together this quiet evening with music filling the air ...

It is a time of life with traditions that change as they need to.
Christmas Eve has always been our evening for a large meal following 3pm church service.
For 30+ years we have opened our gifts Christmas Eve.
This year we enjoyed the quiet, a nice soak in a newly acquired hot tub, games and prune tarts.
Jari kept sending the kids messages through GroupMe that he was opening gifts.
I think he was wishing.
We're ready for tomorrow .. I think.

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