Thursday, May 18, 2017

365: week 19


Here is a miracle deal. I went to Williston over the past weekend to surprise my oldest son who was turning 30 on Mother's Day. I hadn't anticipated having a new granddaughter to cuddle while I was there. It would have been fun but my fingers weren't cramped from crossing them. As I was at the airport in Mesa Friday morning bright and early waiting to get through security ... my phone rang. The lovely princess had arrived. Lyla Esther was perfectly healthy. I almost screeched aloud but manged to contain myself. Timing? Couldn't be almost better. 

Brock picked me up from the airport in Minot and we headed to the hospital to see the new baby and the exhausted mom who I was hoping was taking long luxurious naps while her hubby was gone. My son is a little like his father. Ants in his pants. I don't mean just a few ants ... I mean the entire hill. Within a few hours of getting to the hospital .. Bridget was discharged and the crew was headed home. A stop to browse a yard sale on the way ... another stop for drive thru coffee and finally home. We were joined by many .. including Blayde who we managed to surprise. This trip had been booked several months ago ... and we managed to keep it from him. 

Lots of little people and new baby snuggles .. visiting and probably not nearly enough sleep ...


but enough energy left somewhere to take off in the morning and hit some yard sales. Then on to the Band Day Parade which celebrated 90 years. Granted, the population of Williston has grown dramatically, but I still call it a small town. This looks to be the event of the year. I left a little before it was over with, but I didn't see one tractor! I saw cranes, ambulances, bands, local businesses, more bands, oil service companies and any number of businesses that represent the areas industry, but no tractors. Even Walmart made an appearance! Fun to see a community come together!

Liam came home later in the day and was in a much better frame of mind than on Friday. Friday he wasn't such a happy little guy. He was busy giving gifts to little Lyla, giving the swing a push here and there, saying the sweetest little "hi!" here and there. Throwing balls, barking at neighboring dogs and just being a very little boy whose world just got upended and he doesn't even really know it yet. 

We snuggled babies, visited, ate, played games and visited some more. Just spending time together is the finest thing in the world. Especially when it isn't a regular thing ... it is the most delightful treat you can imagine. Just being.


Mothers Day spent with some of my greatest blessings. We celebrated moms and Blayde's 30th birthday. How that happened so fast I'm not quite sure. To see them in their worlds, the places they work and play. The place in which they've made their lives. I can't have them close in proximity right now, but at least when I hear that the Granddog Duchess likes to play chase around the table ... I now know exactly what she is doing. It's the little things that make images real in my mind. They make me feel like I'm almost there. I can see Liam throwing balls and chasing dogs ... all those little images.

Makes me want to run back real soon ... and next time I'm bringing their dad with me too.

Thanks to all of you who made my visit so extra special.

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