Wednesday, May 10, 2017

365: weeks 16 and 17

We had Easter dinner at our house. I do love my ham and cheesy potatoes. Alyx and her family were sick so weren't able to join us. I'm kind of a bad mom. I never really did the Easter egg hunt thing ... or certainly don't remember doing it when the kids were little. Anna put the thing together this year with eggs for kids and adults. Numbered pieces of paper were hidden in some of the eggs leading to a choice of prizes in the end. So fun. However, Wyatt was the only one egg picking until the adults joined in. It was a hoot to watch him pass by some and move on to others. I don't know that color even played a part in the selection process. Mind you ... they were a bit tough to find!

It was a quilt finishing kind of week. Tried the quilting foot on my machine. Fail. I can't lower the feed dogs on my $20 beast and covering them with cardboard didn't really work. Back to the regular walking foot I went and machine quilted until my projects were done!

American for miles and miles. Jari was gone for the weekend and I finished some projects. Like denim blanket #20 I think. Tia's Christmas gift that was gifted to her with the top done ... not the rest. I can call that one complete and whew! That felt good! 

The wind has been blowing in Phoenix this year unlike anything I've ever seen. If I make a plan to spray some paint in the backyard it is quickly derailed by wind storms. I did get some lantern action done with wind whipping sawdust into most interest landscapes. 

Empty binders. I moved 5 inches of stuff to the cloud. Must mean I'm down to about 11 binders left to do. What on earth do we do with our stuff?! I understand why I save some of it ... the rest of it is debatable. When I have moments, I am scanning and moving to Google Drive. Easily accessible all the time should I need it ... even on my handy little cellular device. 

Mommy kisses yield the sweetest baby giggles. Aiden is growing so fast!

Our fortune cookie. There is a relatively new Panda in the path of my travel home from work. Somedays ... that becomes dinner. Jari and I have a game we play with fortune cookies. We each pick one and then exchange. The fortune we opened is really the fortune of the other. On this particular day, we were only given one fortune cookie. First time that has ever happened ... and I can see why. I especially like sharing that one with him!

Happy Sam the Tortoise is growing. He really needs more space to run than his little aquarium. I need to rig up something for him. I was hopeful that next winter he would be old enough to live outside and then learned that he may need to be indoors for yet another winter. He's funny. He climbs up on things and then falls off the edge, lands on his back and lays there wiggling like he's a screaming for help. I'm rather thankful that I won't be around in 100 years to move him. I can't imagine.

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