Monday, May 22, 2017

365: week 20

A welcome home with roses and cards on this day after Mother's Day. Fun and rowdy evening with little boys. 

Happy Birthday to Char! I had breakfast with these two special ones on Monday morning before heading to Minot and another Allegiant experience. Which, I might add, I have nothing but positive things to say. In fact so positive that I have raved about the width of the center aisle since coming home. Serious. Look at this thing. 

I wheeled my $18 bag up that thing without any problem at all. And .. after paying for a $5 boarding pass on the way up ... promptly downloaded the app so I don't have to do that again. Serious. I'd fly them again in a heartbeat. Anything to navigate a small town airport whose parking is rather ridiculously priced but where I can board the plane out on the tarmac and pretend I'm loading onto a luxury liner that is taking me to some sandy beach somewhere. 

When projects become all consuming and Friday turns to Saturday. #cantstop
Reupholstering is time consuming for the novice! #countrydreaming

This lovely chair has been here or a while ... a very tired blue floral fabric that seriously needed to be replaced. So weeks ago Alyx and I tore the thing apart. And this past weekend ... I put it together. The woodwork had a little loving attention to it as well. In my opinion, it isn't sellable and I hope it holds up more than a minute but I love it! I also finally redid a foot stool that I have detested for about 10 years in the same country fabric. No .. my living room probably doesn't tie together and a decorator would walk in and have heart palpitations but it is me. Most surely me!

Am I the only one that does that? Holds onto things they love because they are certainly going to get around to redoing it eventually. Now I sit outside and am looking around wondering if I can attack a few things out there that are driving me nuts. Bulk trash pickup is scheduled in a few weeks and I would dearly love to dump some furniture out there. Let's see if I dare!


Journals that don't really include any journaling. #gofigure #notetaker
Posts about journal activity coming this week.

Looking forward to a fun week and weekend. Mom and Dad are on their way down here and will be spending the holiday weekend with us. Can't wait for some good visits and hopefully some good barbecue grill action!

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