Tuesday, May 16, 2017

365: weeks 18 and 19


Can't get to Hawaii .. bring it home to you. This super comfy chair has become an addition to our patio and is well loved by at least a few people in the house.

Coffee can't come fast enough on Mondays. #brewquicklyitsmonday

We had a guys crafting night at Gwen's one Tuesday evening. Super fun to have them cranking out projects that take me much longer to complete. We have quite a list for them! While the guys were outside ... I was learning how to do some needle action on wool inside. This could get addicting!


Never a guess who worked last when I find the cord wrapped like this. Isn't that the way it goes? We all have habits that are particular (or peculiar) to us alone. I wonder what mine are!

Ready to get some crafting going on. The windy weather has not been favorable of late, but I have paint!

Dinners and celebrating just being us. I'm a blessed woman.


#desertsunrise and #faveflowers

I have some new Tupperware containers in my house. Just a few. I don't bake like I use to and don't have need of massive food storage. There is a double edged sword problem with the Tupperware container. I went to bake some pulla to bring to my boys and the brown sugar is all soft inside that lovely Tupperware. No brown sugar clumps! Seriously. 

I love brown sugar clumps.

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