Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kamp Kipa Dedicaton weekend

Back in February, the weekend of Winter Services, we drove up to Kamp Kipa with Tarja & Joe who were visiting. Somehow I never got around to sharing photos of that weekend in the world of Blog. Voi. Voi.

The road was still at the point where you sort of needed 4 wheel drive to get through a few spots.
The camp was locked up tight for the winter.
Cabins stood empty waiting to be filled with young and old.
Ramadas waiting for the same.
Patio seating and the amphitheatre ... all waiting for the coming of spring.

We've not lived here while the majority of the work in order to get to the events of this weekend has been done.
This weekend the camp officially opened and was dedicated.
Countless hours that have been filled with labors of love and blessed by God.
Saturday the Kamp was filled with sounds of joy.

Guests from around the country and overseas filled the seats.
The air and wind was cold enough that I really wanted to wear mittens.
The sun so bright that many sported burned faces at the end of the day.
Roses for Chet & Kirsti Lodge for their generosity.
Dad is here for the weekend ....

Becky, Frans, Anita (that would  be me) & Reino (dad)
Photo courtesy of Jenny.
as were Wayne & Becky with family.
It has been nice to spend moments of time with them.
Safe travels to them as they do one of those straight through drives back to Minnesota.

As for Grandpa ... he told me I've been slacking in the blogging.
I promise to try and do better.

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  1. Fun times........wish I could have made it to dedication...........missing you guys....Tarja