Thursday, May 10, 2012

Success ... or lack thereof

Success is actually being able to read what this letters say somedays!
Either I need glasses on my face full time or I'm just getting older because it is getting increasingly more difficult to read them.
Success is learning that the the little ball rolly thing on my mouse actually moves my page across my screen when it is too large for the monitor.
Lack thereof was trying to use the blue bar at the bottom of the screen.
I know.
This computer has been with us almost half the life of my youngest child.
Perhaps I should refer back to first failure success.
Success is Rooting Hormone.
I'm not vegetable gardening at this time, but I am trying to grow some desert plants.
The small wimpy looking ones I started in the past week. A few of them are moving past the stage of shock.
I just snipped pieces of Lantana (serious thanks to the neighbor), Texas Sage and Birds of Paradise. They'll wake up soon.
The tall plant ... is my success story.
It started out the same way as the other wimpy things are right now.
Future success would be trying to find enough large pots to fill these things!
I've been eyeing the new growth on the mesquite trees lately.
Incidentally ... growing things other than mold in the fridge just makes me smile.
This would be in the Lack Thereof area of Success.
Isn't this just too cute?
My mind was just atwitter with all the possibilities of this lovely idea that I found ....
over here at this link. Pillows. Towels. Lampshades. Whatever. The list was simply endless.
I took some money from my waning grocery envelope and added the smallest roll of freezer paper available at Fry's to my grocery cart.
And then I tried.
Repeated trips back to the computer to look at the link ensured that I was following instructions.
It didn't work.
Some of the ink came off the paper onto my cloth, but not enough of it.
Bummer. Big bummer. Humungous Bummer.
I may be hitting someone else up to use their printer.
The site did have comments stating that some printer inks were not working for transfer.
So there you go.
I now have 75 feet minus about 22 inches of freezer paper sitting here.
Without one critter worth hunting down and eating.
Either I find a printer or Christmas wrapping is going to be white paper in about 7 months.
Maybe I can find a site for hand dying ribbons?
Apparently I like my Successes first and my Lack Thereofs last.
This is another Lack Thereof.
It might be a Success ... depends on your taste buds.
The Schwan's man came to the door as I was peeling my head off the pillow after work.
Had I been more than half awake, I should have gotten a picture.
The two girls in the house and their dad ... crowded around the front door ... paging through the Schwan's catalog.
Great success that each picked their box of treats, right?
Lack Thereof would involve that crazy envelope of mine.
Then again, this one might just be Success after all!
It came out of Dear Hubby's pocket.
It wasn't my budget after all.
My envelope is safe.
Now that is Success.

Work day done. Nap done. Leftovers eaten. Blogging done.
English degree coming to a couch and laptop near me.
I have work to do.

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  1. I've also been thinking about the ridiculous ways we have to prove that we are not a robot! Yey for Jari!