Monday, May 7, 2012

three dollars

I am well on my way to earning yet another diploma.
Just sayin'.
I think 6 hours of English assistance on Saturday counts for something.
Sunday we kept so busy that by today (Monday and back to work) I was nearly comatose all day.
It was so worth it tho'.
A late Saturday nite in which I managed to win a solo game of Settlers.
No, I really didn't play by myself ... the others just felt like I did.
Early Sunday morning at church.
Lunch out with friends and family who happen to also be friends.
So special when that happens.
Dinner at Bill & Jane's with a houseful of others celebrating the Big Move.
Then on to a bike ride with Frans & Jenny.

We biked to McCormick Ranch and had ice cream at McDonalds.
Can't have been too fattening.
It's McDonalds ... not Schwann's or anything like that.
Jari did a little fancy rolling action on the way home, certainly unplanned and unwelcome.
Except for the rolling/bouncing stuff, can't wait to do this again.
Just no more of these kind Sundays after the same kind of Saturdays.
I'm too old for this!
On the challenging side.
This is the extent of my remaining grocery budget for the week.
Uh. Huh.
It's Monday evening. 9:42 p.m.
And I have $3 in my cash envelope.
I am so undisciplined in some areas.
Especially one that includes the word budget.
My intentions are good. Really. They are.
I'm trying this again.
Hope certainly springs eternal around here.
Using an idea found online for cash envelopes, I used up some leftover sitting around not gettting anything done with it scrapbook paper.
After adding a tab to secure this little thing into my wallet, I filled several weeks grocery cash into envelopes.

I know. They aren't color coordinated.
Really, they sort of look silly.
The thought of me even sticking with this whole thing is even sillier!
The greater challenge will be not dipping into Week #2 until Friday.
If I manage to stick with this ....
it will be miraculous enough that I'll deserve some fine looking envelopes!


  1. I really need to do the cash in envelopes thing too. The grocery bill has been rather high lately.

  2. Good luck with the cash envelopes. We keep talking about budgeting better, but my excuse is that I will not and can not get any cheaper with my groceries because I want to eat somewhat healthy. Bad excuse, I know. I'm just scared that I can't stick to what's in my envelope.
    Maybe try lumping two weeks worth of groceries into one category? That way when you find meat on sale one week, you're not going over your limit?

  3. That might work better. Or perhaps the entire month's worth into one envelope? By the last week you might just be eating pancakes and eggs. Argh. I've also lumped Household Necessities into the same envelope and may have undershot the budget by quite a bit. The week you need toilet paper, laundry detergent and dishwasher soap might turn out to be a very hungry week. :)