Wednesday, May 9, 2012

rain drops!

I can't believe it!
It rained today!

This one qualifies for many rain drops.

Rain is simply marvelous!


  1. Oh the magic of a red arrow!

  2. Love that we got the unexpected rain! But wasnt loving it so much on my bike ride! Frans and I rode to target on 27th ave and the101 at 3:30, and I figured there's no way it will start raining....well while I was in target, it started! So had to bike home in it, at least the wind was in our favor so we were able to really cruise! It was cold tho!

  3. ok, so I've been in lala land and totally forgot you started a new blog! the other day I was wondering why there hadn't been any updates from Living the Alaska dream in my blog reader, and then, as I was reading Keilah's blog a few minutes ago, I noticed she had updated her blog list and lo and behold there was 430 Breezy Lane! hello! don't tell me I'm losing it already!

  4. Maaretp - Just in case you thought it was bird doodoo!
    Forstie - So that's what all the noise was when I called you ... kinda wondered. :)
    jessica - You're allowed to be in lala land ... you're a wee bit busy. I'm ready for a weekend in Flagstaff sometime soon. Can't wait to see your new place!