Friday, May 3, 2013

18:52 quiet place

Project 52

Usually this place is covered with children shrieking with laughter
as they frolic with joy.
This day it was a quiet place.

As our children grow and are busy leading lives that seem to be
heading off in so many different directions, some days ...
though I once thought it impossible...  even our home is a quiet place.

Other days, like lately when I'm trying to squeeze in a 30 minute nap and only manage 10 minutes ...
I wish I could master sitting upright in this quiet place long enough to close my eyes 
for just a few minutes. 

I was asking a crew sitting outside the other evening what they thought of 
when I said quiet place ... and then I wanted them to guess where I 
had been that morning. They couldn't guess. 
I got answers like: library (nope ..was there last week), empty gas station,
bathroom. I got quite the looks when I told them where I had gone.

I found ...
A place that was peaceful and serene.
A place filled with beautiful flowers.
A place that had only one other car besides mine.
A place where trees offered shade from the harsh sunlight.
A place where benches offered places for reflection
and perfect stillness.

18:52 Quiet Place

Maaret always has such creative ideas for this project .. take a look!


  1. looks like you were able to get your daily shower in, too, while perched on a bench. bonus! :P

  2. Anita, I love visiting cemeteries...I have ever since I can remember! It's something to do with the peace and beauty, the history and the untold stories.

    1. Kelly -

      Recently we visited a very old cemetery where headstones were made of globs of concrete with names and dates scratched into them with what appeared to have been a stick in wet cement. Some were young, some were old, all of them have stories we will never know.

      Yes, I love cemeteries as well. Maybe you and I need to go on a cemetery tour sometime.