Monday, May 27, 2013

a long memorial day weekend

It isn't over yet, but I'll do just about anything to get out of sitting down to attempt some school work. I've run out of jobs ... well, that never happens. I've nearly run out of jobs on my list and the only things left are: 1) Run to Hobby Lobby for some elastic 2) Exercise 3) Discussion questions for my online class. Blogging for a little bit sounds so much better ... except for Hobby Lobby ... that I will gladly do any time!

Thursday was graduation ... Anna's day. I wanted to share a few more photos from that day. Apparently there were too many camera lenses aimed in our directions because we never got all eyeballs aimed in the right direction at the same time.

Anna's bling was fun to do. I've never seen it done in Arizona, but a candy lei was often adorning graduates in Alaska. A Polynesian custom, some are filled with candy and others made of money.

Our blonde beauties! The flying hair reminds me trampoline jumping days when they were all toddlers.

Graduates at the church on Thursday evening following multiple graduations at different schools ... some ceremonies yet to come.

Whew! That one done!

Friday it was time for a visit to the chiropractor. Tia has been having problems with TMJ. We both have snapping and cracking jaws, but hers likes to keep locking which means I should probably buy applesauce in the gallon jars. If she'd quit leaving it places, she has a mouth guard to keep the jaws separated at night. In the meantime, we've been visiting the chiropractor .... who incidentally told me that my noggin's axis was off kilter on Friday. Go figure.

Probably means I really am half a bubble off!

A stop to visit Randy at the hospital and home for girls to pack.

They headed off to Moab, Utah for the weekend and I headed to the kitchen.

Something is probably seriously wrong with that picture, but I had obligations that kept me in town for at least Sunday morning. So it goes!

So, being as it was a Friday evening of a holiday weekend and I finally had a few hours of unscheduled bliss .... the peaches from Sunday finally got some attention!

Freezer jam, peach sauce and frozen slices for either my oatmeal, smoothies, peach crisp or cobbler ... whichever sounds good at the time. After having to ignore them all week, I'm impressed that I was actually able to get some slices out of them instead of just mush.


Laundry was spent spinning while peaches cooked and smushed.

Excuse that towel with the hanging piece up there. This picture isn't meant to be a selling point because there are only 2 matching towels in the house ... just evidence that the girls' rooms were cleaned before they left!

Saturday I did anything I could to avoid working on a paper for school.

Laundry ... sit at the laptop .... dishes .... sit at the laptop ... ironing ... sit at the laptop.

We scheduled an evening visit at the Rock Springs Cafe with Bruce & Jodi. It has been way too long since we had a chance to visit with them! So glad we did. And then because I really couldn't manage to do any school stuff, we left earlier than needed and stopped to visit Kevin at the hospital.

Sunday I had no choice but to finish that paper and get 'er uploaded. Morning church and home to that paper. A delicious afternoon nap ... and off visiting again in the evening with more friends we haven't had coffee with in quite a while. Quite obviously ... we're the visiting kind over here.

Memorial Day and I'm not leaving the house until after dinner ... at which point I'm going visiting again! In the meantime, I couldn't sleep past 6 this morning and gave up trying. I attacked my To Do List and managed everything from fixing several skirts to wearable (except for that piece of elastic I need from Hobby Lobby), putting away winter clothes (the temps are hitting over 100F now so I ought to be safe packing away the wool), cleaning my craft room, greeting cards into envelopes, Anna's air miles for her flight added to her account ... all kinds of piddly little things. The kind of day where I move from one thing to the next and accomplish everything but school work ....

while I spent moments remembering what today is really all about. Today we thank our servicemen and women who have given their lives to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy today. May we always honor what they have given so that we may freely live.

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