Wednesday, May 15, 2013

remembering you

 I really am remembering so many of you.
In so many different places.
In so many difficult situations.
Some of you wondering what the purpose of your trial is.
Maybe trying to find that silver lining in your cloud.
Perhaps making it through an hour of the day 
is almost too much and you've moved to counting minutes instead.
Perhaps you fear for the safety of your loved ones and your friends.
Perhaps it is their health and welfare that makes you ache.

So many situations.
So many places.
If you're feeling like you've landed in a cactus patch ...
even there a flower can be found.
Maybe in the middle of those thorns,
the flower petals are the arms of friends 
and the love of God.
Surrounding you.
Holding you up.
For just a moment.
In your situation ... 
whatever and wherever that may be ...
I'm remembering you.

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