Friday, June 7, 2013

23:52 details

At all times in life, until the last 24 weeks, I considered the word Rubric to be 
the equivalent of some nasty word that we don't use.
I have helped kids do school at home and all those writing assignments 
had those nasty rubrics attached to them.
Just so you know ....
I might just be uncomfortable with that which I don't know or understand.
Rubric was right up there at the top of the list if I had to pay any attention to it.

Today, I have to say that the rubric is my friend.
I write papers and complete projects to the tune of the rubric.
Each section of the project is a section of an orchestra.
The rubric might be the conductor who keeps everyone on track 
and heading in the right direction.
Or is the rubric the piece of music?
Either way, the rubric is what keeps us heading in the right direction.
It keeps the details straight and orderly.
The rubric ensures that my project will be acceptable to the professor ...
and as I like to ramble or head off on a tangent .... 
it keeps the details right where they need to be.
Incidentally, my professor likes to include these ....... in her detailed instructions!

Project 52
23:52 details

Yes, it is in the details.

Next up this week .... details of a charmed Alaska life. Have fun!

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