Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finally .... a few more pictures from last weekend!

Last Sunday evening we had an Engagement Party 
for Anna & Wylon.
Frans & Jenny were very kind to let us use their home ...
they are out of town for a while.
We fit over there much better than over here!
It was a very nice evening
and we appreciated everyone who joined us.

Special thanks to Chelsea for taking pictures ...
and we are so glad that Kevin felt well enough to be there.
Also glad that Dan & Fran (Anna's godparents) were able to
join us as they will be in Finland at the time of the wedding.

Bring on the fun!!
I'm a person who loves to be given a project and then "Get it Done!" is my motto.
Not halfway ... just go for it.

Mother's Camp is the weekend before the wedding and I hope to be there without a care in the world. 

So on the Got it Under Control List:

Wedding dress in hand and undergoing alteration
Samples of dress colors in the mail today to girls out of state
Tux colors done
Invitation papers 99% cut
(Insert a HUGE plug here for ... I've never had such speedy service from anyone!)
Addressing envelopes underway
Dinner napkins and table skirts went into a bin in the house today
First thing that got done was the church and the minister reserved
Reception planning underway
Menu nearly there
Organist secured
Wedding decorations accumulating
Person in charge of kitchen secured

I know that September 14th is still a way off but the bride and groom are on the ball!
I'll share some of my crazy organizing stuff ideas later ... I hope it works!

I have to tell you that the lady at the register at Party City today asked us, "Is your wedding next week?"
I nearly had a heart attack. That must be the norm. Uhm. Not for me it can't be.
She said she actually had a lady come in and fill a cart with wedding supplies ... for her own wedding that evening.
No. Can. Do.

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