Wednesday, June 12, 2013

congratulations anna & wylon

I might need a moment or two to share what is really in my heart ...
and maybe it is just too full to even sort it all out.

On Monday evening this week our daughter Anna
became engaged to be married.
As parents we are filled with thankfulness.
She has been led to a man who will treasure her always ...
just as she will treasure him.
She has been led to man who shares her same faith.
She has been led to a family that is warm and welcoming.
She has been led to bring to us another member for our own family.
We are truly thankful.

Engagement photos are being taken in several weeks and although I would
love to prop the couple here, there and everywhere while I snap myself silly,
I'll wait patiently ... and settle for one that was taken in November instead.

The planning has commenced .... the creativity (I'm trying to cap it!) is flowing ....
and we are going to thoroughly enjoy this exciting time with them!


  1. Congratulations to them!! And so exciting for you all :) -Alisa

  2. Congratulations!! So exciting!

  3. Oh what a special time in life when our children sprout their wings and move on to their own households and their own families. Would love to come to the wedding, but will be busy planning our own daughters wedding. Congratulations to Anna and Wylon! SIL Riitta