Wednesday, June 26, 2013

baby shower

I had good intentions of posting some photos from this weekend earlier this week. 
We had a very busy weekend after my relaxing crafty days lounging at home.
Now class is back in session and it is taking a bit of self control to get myself to actually sit down and work on that.

Saturday afternoon we held a baby shower at our house hosted by Alyx & Angie.
I've been to many baby showers in my life ... this was a first in the co-ed shower department.
It really wouldn't work with our usual crowd, but this was a small group.
13 of us ... with more men than women. Talk about fun!

It was a serious sea of pink ....

The decorating committee hard at work.

We played games. Some of them familiar to the gals in the group ... totally foreign to the guys. The top left photo is one of self diapering. Each player was given a roll of toilet paper to try and make themselves a diaper. The bottom right: Ben trying to guess what kind baby food was in the jar. (I told them all that tasting was in no uncertain terms considered cheating.)

Our diapered contestants. I'm very thankful for disposable diapers with velcro tabs on them. Otherwise .... if this is what they do with a roll of toilet paper .... imagine what they would do with a diaper pin!

After all the frivolity of games had ended and the food (I still have a stomach ache from all the cream cheese I ate that day!) was nibbled down ...

we gathered 'round for another set of good laughs. Jari got us hooked up on Skype from Phoenix to Fairbanks so Natasha could have her mom with us for part of her day. I have to say that I nearly needed one of those diapers I laughed so hard!

That was our Saturday! Sorry, if you are friends with me on Facebook and have already seen some of these. I usually don't post much in the way of photos on FB anymore but did so this time for Natasha's family that couldn't be with us. 

I probably won't be back with photos from the rest of last weekend's celebration until sometime this weekend. Being as the temperature is suppose to hit something like 118, I'm going to be hanging out indoors ... all weekend. 

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  1. Wow, these baby shower details are looking spectacular. It is just a big honor hosting such events for the loved ones. I too would be hosting a fun filled baby shower at one of the Chicago event venues for my cousin. She is my best friend too and I am willing to make her day very memorable. Need some suggestions for the themes and vegan food. I wonder if you could help regarding it.