Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

A special Happy Father's Day to the wonderful man who raised me ... and continues to be a positive support in my life. I was able to hear his voice across the miles today, although I much prefer to have him sitting at my table sharing coffee with me.

We Skyped today with our other father as well. Talking on the phone is difficult with Pekka, but Skype works really well. Another man who I wish was drinking sugar with his coffee coffee with his sugar at my table.

Pappa sang Anna a song today .... why, oh why, didn't I record it?!

Last evening we had the other part of the kids over here. We're split shifting Father's Day this year. I had several turkeys sitting in the freezer that needed cooking and have had a difficult time finding a day to have a crowd here to eat. Last night .... we ate. I skipped the sweet potatoes. Today, the leftovers all left with Blayde who couldn't be here last night! Not a bad way to share our meals and have everyone part of the day.

Last of all ... a Happy Father's Day to the man with whom I share my life.
The man who still holds my hand in church and shares my pathway.

The man who gives his children one of the greatest gifts he can in loving their mother.

The man who has a steak on the grill for me as I type ....

Happy Father's Day to the father of my beautiful children ... we are truly blessed.


  1. Well said and well done Fathers Day! Beautiful, sentimental and all that good stuff ;)

    1. opps...forgot to get my name of there - Brita R.