Saturday, August 17, 2013

two weekends in a row

I have a break from classes this week and am not exactly looking forward to the beginning of another class next week.
Eight week classes are great, but I have a serious case of senioritis every eight weeks!
Painful, I say.

So, being as I'm not tied to the laptop (you've noticed, hey?) for this week, last weekend Jari and I left for a little bit and did something different.
We thought about taking the train to the Grand Canyon, but will save that for another time.
Instead, we took the Verde Canyon Railway on Saturday and then hid away from home for the nite ... coming home on Sunday.
It was a needed break.
We aren't vacationing anywhere this summer, so I figured that short little stint was our holiday.

It was a bit toasty, but the train cars were air conditioned and the ride afforded some absolutely incredible views.

Grab your coffee cup and enjoy the ride!

The theme for our Project 52 blog circle this week was inspiring.
So many of these photos would have fit the theme for they certainly were inspirational to me.
In the photo below you can see two darkened caves in the rock face.
Although difficult to see in the photo, only the ceilings of the caves were darkened.
The darkening of soot from cooking fires of long ago peoples.

Absolutely breathtaking. 
Yet another beautiful riparian environment that we have been able to enjoy.

I really couldn't see where this trail led to, but it is obviously a traveled one.
Difficult to imagine that in the middle of nowhere, people settled and built a life.

They did so in the middle of the red rock and canyons.

Imagine a group of military men deep in the bottom of this canyon
surrounded by the natives at the tops of these steep walls.
Imagine that in that dark cave, some woman cooked for her family.
Someone hauled water up those rocks
and did so with incredible ease.

And here in Perkinsville, the end of the line where the train heads back the other way,
someone else made a life.
One that is so unfamiliar to the one we today live.

I would highly recommend this little journey for visitors you have who might want to see something of the state that exists outside the walls of the city.
Oh, and if you go, make sure and sample some of the prickly pear tea on the train ride!

Being as I have yet another weekend off before the school bell tolls on Monday ....
we are heading up north to sleep in a tent.
With a hoard of young people.
I can't wait for their music around the bonfire.
I hope we can have a fire!!
My goal last weekend was to wear a sweatshirt for 20 minutes.
Twenty. Minutes.
This weekend ... that goal is a bit loftier.

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