Friday, August 23, 2013

34:52 worth a thousand words

Project 52

I have pictures that I've taken of my children through the years that would
have certainly earned the title of this week's blog post.
To find something recent that screams at me ....
not so much.
Although grown children are a delight,
there is something about capturing the littles in their antics
that usually gets me begging to label it 
worth a thousand words.

Several weeks ago I turned in a 12 page paper to school.
The word count of said paper was 3,163 words.
Could I write 4 pages worth of words on this here photo?
I could.

You see, these are my daughters.
They are different as night and day.
They are 4th and 5th in family birth order.
They grumble and complain at each other,
then turn around and laugh together like there is no tomorrow.
They complain when one borrows their clothes without asking,
and then turn around and ask to borrow something from the 
sister with whom they are thoroughly annoyed.
They both went through early childhood with spindly snow white
hair that couldn't be braided no matter how this mom tried.
This mom, being thoroughly frustrated with braiding little strings,
pretty much gave up that business.
They took it upon themselves a long time ago
and my bathroom has been littered with hair stuff ever since.
Today their combined ages total what mine was at the 
time my house was filled with the pitter patter of their little feet.
I can only imagine the ways in which their lives will be
different ten years from now.
For today, when the camera captures a photo that is silent,
I know that at least a thousand words were shared while 
these two sat in the still of the morning.
In all likelihood, one listened while the other spoke.
For that is the way it usually is with these two
whose lives to me are worth much more than
a thousand words.

Enjoy your trip over to visit Maaret this week!

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