Friday, August 16, 2013

33:52 inspiring

Project 52

Are we all inspired by different things and different people
all at different stages of our lives?
Last weekend Jari and I went away for a few days.
On Sunday we took in an Art Show with this booth that
nearly sent me over the edge.
Some folks would be inspired by this display.
It made me nearly crazy.
I did ask the artist if her home is decorated in black and white.
No, it is just as colorful as her artwork.
I would seriously need somewhere quiet.

I am including my apologies for the lack of blogging in this here post.
You see, lately our home is experiencing the
inspirations that are brought about by love
and an approaching wedding day.

And while playing with photos and blogging about life is something I really do enjoy,
a quick 20 minutes will instead find me hitting Pinterest looking for yet another 
wedding idea to share with the bride or working on something she needs done.
If you've been to the world of Pinterest ...
you know the definition of inspiring.

All this inspiration tends to be a bit consuming.
And I love it.

You'll find more inspiration over here this week.

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