Friday, August 9, 2013

32:52 clouds

Whew! I'm actually on topic this week and ahead of the game!
The other week when the theme was Sunset ...
well .... I spent all week trying to capture monsoon clouds.
It was probably Thursday night at midnight when I realized ....
I got it all wrong.

This week, Project 52 really really really brings you clouds.

From the whispy clouds flitting across the desert sky

dancing as if running from their summer duty of offering shade

from a sun that blisters with the incredible heat of summer.
Sending us instead to the cooling respites of
shade trees and refreshing waters.

It is this time of year in Arizona that we love.
While, for some of us, the heat can be exhausting and relentless,
the monsoon season brings the cover of clouds and the
pounding of the storms.

The earth, whether in the desert or the high country,
awaits the refreshing drink that comes from above.

We grab a sweatshirt and feel the cool as the temperature drops ... 
 watching in awe the fury unleashed by the heavens.

Mosey on over this way for more clouds ....

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