Monday, August 19, 2013

camping weekend

The sweatshirt definitely got worn this weekend!
Saturday evening was windy, wet and cold but the rest of the 
weekend was absolutely glorious!

Camped up on the rise.

Sweatshirts were the order of the late Saturday afternoon for Gretchen & me.
It really got to the point of wrapping every available blanket
on top of the sweatshirt and jacket.

There is nothing on earth like the sweet smell of the fresh woods.

Especially when you're perched in a camping chair catching up on magazines 
such as Country Living and snacking on trail mix.

Anna had planned this camping trip, inviting Jari & I to attend with them.
This is probably the last camping trip these two will have as single people.

Lots of visiting ....

game playing ...

riding and some shooting.

I'm ready for another trip sometime soon!

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