Wednesday, August 28, 2013

normal things .... and a bridal shower!

The coffee pot is descaling. Apparently, it needs to sit with vinegar in it for 4 hours before I can use it.
Why on earth didn't I know that before I started?!

I am staying home this evening. I have pork sitting on low in the new crockpot and it isn't anywhere close to done.
That sort of wasn't my plan.
Last weekend I pulled 35 pounds of cooked pork.
I'm almost halfway done with this pork cookin' business for the wedding.
Apparently, this crockpot needs to cook on high ... I didn't know that.

Starting to look like I'm in learning mode today.

Last night we showered Anna with well wishes in anticipation of the upcoming wedding.
Some serious talent in drawing a bride with the eyes closed was going on.
Followed by some serious contemplation about whose artwork was the winner.

Mom and her beautiful girls. I thought this level of hormones was sometimes challenging .....

but Janet has it ... hands down! What a wonderful (maybe a wee bit wild and wacky sometimes?!) group of people. She is truly blessed and fortunate.

As much fun as we had yesterday, I am kind of cranking today.
Coffee and pork will do that to a gal.
Just a minute ago, tho', I saw something on Facebook that made me just stop in my cranky tracks.

Like totally stop.

Although we celebrated joy yesterday, the day was also filled with sadness for so many.
A young couple on their way to their own engagement party were in a tragic accident on Monday evening and yesterday God called Wynn home. I don't know him and I only know his fiance by sight, but I have an engaged young couple that I dearly love very close to me. I am a parent. I have had the joy of being married to a man I love for nearly 29 years. I know that today my children are all alive and well.

It's time to put away the cranky and be thankful for this day that God has given and the blessings that have filled every waking moment. It's time to tune into a Memorial Service from Seattle and send some prayers for all those loved ones filling the benches with broken hearts.

I have nothing to be cranky about.

8:45 pm

The pork is still trying to cook.
The coffee pot might just be descaled. 
The car is claiming it is low on coolant and with the help of hubby over the phone (he is off hunting for the nite) I actually put fluid in my radiator for what was probably the first time in years. Maybe even decades. Almost needed a manual to figure out how to open the hood. Thank goodness for my current research class. I managed that without needing to call a son of mine and look incredibly dibble. I have no pride the vehicle department. None whatsoever. But to call someone to open the hood might just be indicative of something I don't want for a label. Not yet. 


  1. Such a nice picture of you and your girls. Memories to treasure.

    1. Thanks Becca! It was certainly a very nice evening and the memory banks are filling!

  2. Beautiful photo of your daughters and yourself. I'm glad you included the part about Wynn and Annalisa... it was the kind of news that stopped us all in our tracks.