Friday, October 4, 2013

40:52 movement

Project 52
40:52 movement

I woke last Friday morning to a sky that looked like this.
Clouds in serious motion, winging their way across the sky.
By the time the bell tolled nearing noon and we left the house for the weekend,
the sky had changed to a blue that went on forever.

We headed north to Kamp Kipa for the weekend.
To say that Jari & I enjoy this camp is a serious understatement.
We love it.
I signed us up as a team to be kitchen heads at this camp ...
and we could never do it without an amazing crew of workers along with us.
I hate to admit it, but there is someone who works circles around me every time I share a kitchen with her. 

And movement?
Oh, yeah. 
Park about 75 young people in the same place for the weekend
and you can expect some serious movement going on.

I did miss my Colorado friends this weekend ... just sayin'.
There is probably plenty of movement going on with Keilah's family.
Check it out!!

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