Saturday, October 12, 2013

hootin' it up at the halfway

This weekend marks the halfway point of my bachelor's program.
The last paper for this class is pert near done.
Maybe a tweak or two.
A couple (or more) discussion posts to be done no later than Sunday nite.
Final paper to be submitted no later than bedtime Sunday.
And the halfway point is achieved.

The new textbooks showed up from Amazon several weeks ago.
I've decided to be a little on the crazy side and double up classes.
Only for the next 8 weeks.
I think my reasoning is sound.
If I double up these two, which incidentally are the recommended ones to double,
then I'll be done with this program before I do a little traveling next summer.

Sometimes I wonder at this business.
The societal push is to have all RNs have bachelor's degrees.
It will make moving around in the job market a stitch easier for me.
Not that I'm going anywhere ... I do enjoy my job right now and
my employer is graciously financing this venture.
I've contemplated continuing on for more education after this is complete,
but I think life will have other things in store for me to do.
Other things that I thoroughly enjoy doing.
Things I will not be willing to sacrifice.
For you simply cannot keep adding to the plate and expect to give all to everything.
Something has to give.
And there are pieces of my life that I enjoy too much to give away.
Even for a time.

I'm ready for the slide down the other side of the halfway mark.
Even if it does involve a serious case of senioritis every 8 weeks!

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