Monday, October 21, 2013

over the past week ...

We spent some girl time at David's Bridal.

Some more girl time at TJ Maxx.
Like who ever came up with this brand anyway?!

I found just the thing to aid my kids in their Thanksgiving cooking this year.
They'll have to adjust the times as I like to eat about 1:00.

I verified that my key still works in the post office box I've never opened.
It was a bright idea. About 2 months ago.
Now we will be using it. 
I might need a bigger box.
I am getting hoards of magazines that I don't have time to read.
Used up some of those air miles I'll never accumulate enough of.

Took a stroll  into what will probably become my new grocery store.

And I stole a photo from Facebook.
Because this is my favorite photo of the week.
Not only hands down.
Feet down too.
Voi, do I miss him!

Have a great week.
I'm buried inside textbooks and online postings and papers.
I might need a mental evaluation for thinking this was a smart thing to do.

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