Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I should have

called the landlord too.

About a month ago I sent out several text messages that asked if anyone was having a life-changing event in the next few months. I got negative answers from the folks in question and moved on to register for 2 classes instead of the usual one. 

Saturday evening as we were sitting around visiting with Keilah and kidlets, Jari's phone did it's lovely little binging thing and from his recliner chair we started hearing sounds of "oh no ...." Apparently, our landlord has decided to put the house on the market. And, of course, timing  could not be better. It looks like things might get just a little busier around here. Especially this week! 

Brock moved home after Anna moved out. These were his wheels that were multifunctional. It managed to get some good laughs anytime it transported a four wheeler in the back. Sunday on his way to church someone decided to cross three lanes of traffic in front of him. He is fine but the car has met its demise. 

So it looks like were down for little shuffling of people and places to lay our heads down at night. Let the good times roll!

Well, maybe not. Sunday afternoon I was contemplating running away.
Especially when we used all the fuel points at Fry's and filled up the diesel tank on our way to look at a house that had the smallest worthless pantry I've ever seen in my life. And double pane windows? Putting two sliding patio doors, one right next to the other, does not constitute dual pane in my opinion.

Oops. Off on a tangent again.

I looked at this and said .....

"where should we go?!"

Tonite I'm falling asleep reading about something called upstreaming so I headed to blogger instead. Much more fun to check out Carol's flowers than digest one more sentence about yet another buzz word .... especially when I haven't had a nap since Saturday and we're almost to the middle of the next week already!

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  1. Oh, no!! ... is right! I sure understand the stressful feelings that come with a move you were not wishing to make. Hang in there. Things will work out. Life will sure be busier for a while ... yuck! But things will work out!