Monday, October 14, 2013

the nylon knife

I am a pulla baker.
I can't make a decent loaf of bread to save my life,
but pulla making is a way of life over here.
Although I grew up rolling out long ropes of pulla to braid,
I don't do that anymore.
The rolling pin does the rolling and a knife does the cutting.
I have a knife that I've used for years.
It is worthless for anything else, but good for this purpose.
Last week as I was getting ready to slice,
I had a surge of thought.

What if I used this instead? Would it work?
Sure enough ... it did.
Saved the counters from slice marks because I cut straight on my countertops.

So, a little sales pitch in case you happen to be at a Pampered Chef party and need something to buy. I still haven't tried it on a nonstick pan. Probably because I don't even have one decent enough to bake anything in at the moment, but for pulla dough .... works great!

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