Thursday, October 24, 2013

we are moving

it's about official.
We met the landlords at our new place today to give it the once, twice and maybe thrice over.
We worked out deals and all that good stuff.
The night of November 15th I will have a new place to call home.
Done with the thinking part of that stress.

Did I mention that I absolutely detest moving?!
Did I mention that I am a total nester?!

And I'm sure I forgot to tell you that

we have stuff coming out of our ears.

I know where I am going.
The rest will work itself out somehow. Someway.

I will figure out what to do with scads of crafting stuff.
I will figure out what to do with totes filled with treasures that we can't part with.
I will figure out what to do with extra beds and dressers.
I will figure out what to do with a desk that won't fit but is needed.
I will figure it all out.

It is a charming place.
The patio (where we live 6 months of the year) is large enough to host our entire family, along with plenty of extras, for Thanksgiving dinner or evening coffee.
Lots of laughing coming up on that patio.
Hope the neighbor kids' windows don't face that patio ....

Oh, and should the landlord drop in for coffee ... that'll be sweet cuz we enjoy their company.
And should I run out of sugar for my hubby's coffee ....
the neighbors are very sweet folks too!
I've been meaning to run to that soon to be new neighbor lady's for a cup of coffee on Friday morning for several years now and never made it.

Hmm. Wonder if she'll serve me coffee if I show up with bed head and in my jammies ...


  1. Whew! That part is figured out! I know the feeling of relief. Also know the feelings of anxiety over the busyness of the next month ... but it will work out! It'll be fun to hear (here) who that new neighbor lady is! :) Good luck with the move.

  2. Best of luck with the packing! For everything there is a reason, and we are not always in control of where we are going in life! Would be fun to come see your new abode. Now I want too know where that darling shed on wheels is. SIL Riitta

  3. Good luck with your move! Where abouts will this new home be? Hopefully closer to us!!! Let me know if there is something I can help out with....I'm good with packing up boxes :) Brita