Monday, October 20, 2014

42.52 motivational monday

Take your work seriously but yourself lightly.
- C.W. Metcalf
This past weekend was one full of blessings.
So many family in town.
Housefuls of company.
We added a daughter to our family.
We celebrated with our son as he enjoyed the most special day of his life.
We're still at it this morning.
Our weekend isn't over yet.
Some have come and gone ... others are still here.
I'll share my pitiful lack of pictures with you later this week.
Pappa has left but the girls did get a few rounds of SkipBo in with him on Sunday.
This is a serious past time of his.
Someone should have started keeping track of how many decks of these cards
he has gone through in his life.
It is serious business ....

mixed with good doses of light heartedness.
Linking to Gloria.

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