Wednesday, October 8, 2014

gardening disasters

Oh my goodness.
I'm sure that successful planting of veggies in arctic climates
was a learning curve as well.
I've never planted in the desert and thought it would be easy.

My seeds (well, many of them) came up well.
And then I bought some cruddy potting soil from Home Depot.
I used one bag and saw disastrous results so the other bag
went back Saturday.

I had a serious crop of cukes and zucchini going on for several weeks,
until I repotted them.
I've sprayed the bugs and am really hoping that they come back around.

The flowers are surviving.
I finally caved in and drilled holes in my old containers.
I have hauled the old watering can around for quite a while,
probably 20 years or so, and have been scared to drill drain holes.
Like, why?!
I finally did it.
Love it!

So, I bought the stuff that I knew worked with the first batch
in addition to some organic potting mix that I hope is clean.
I've got a whole 'nother crop of green beans sprouting.
I am really crossing my fingers and hoping that the weather cooperates
long enough for me to make some dilly beans for Jari.

'Cause he loves dilly beans.
And he's been spraying mosquitos left and right around here.
The desert rains have provided a whole crop of those buggers.
And one of the neighbors here have a cesspool that is breeding those little things.
I'd have never believed I would have Cutter being sprayed in my back yard in the valley.
Thankfully, Home Depot had some this past weekend.
They were sold out the other week.
Its been that bad here.

Just praying that the plants can survive the the heat this week ...
next week is suppose to cool off.

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