Saturday, October 4, 2014

brainstorming a gazebo

Hot tubs are our world around here.
I know where to sit so the jets hit my cervical spine and feet at the same time.
Pure delish.
I'm not in there every day, but if hubby is home ...
it probably gets used more times in a week than not.
I have to tell you, I haven't been to the chiropractor in nearly several months.
And, although I really like him, that isn't a bad thing!
A while back Jari (with his trusty muscle help) hauled home a hot tub that didn't work.
Then he hauled home another one that did.
Some creative telephone poles, lumber and screen sort of made a privacy screen around it.
Functional if a bit unsightly.
Several weeks ago he found a gazebo thing 1/2 off its original price at Home Depot and brought it home.
The problem is that you can see right through the screen ... almost window pane quality.
And that just wasn't going to work.
If skinny or chunky dipping is going on ... no one else needs to see it.
We spent a Saturday putting together the new and taking down the old.

We are equal opportunity around here with his and hers ladders.

Okay. That didn't work. Off to read the instructions and try again.

This frame had some shade screen fabric wrapped around it. That came off first.
Next came the wood ....

 One careful piece at a time.
Was sort of looking like the Leaning Tower of Phoenix for a bit there.

The gazebo isn't exactly heavy in weight. Jari and I moved it over to the other side of the yard and hoisted it over the top of the hot tub. Well. I pushed. He hoisted. But you knew that.
One foreseeable problem.
Lightweight metal combined with what looks like an umbrella just waiting to catch wind.
Combine that with a storm forecasted the week it went up.
Uh oh.
So, Mr. Handsome made a deck around the spa and it is rather secure under many gallons of water. The wind may do its thing, but it won't end up in the neighbors pool.

The shade screen around the middle adds privacy.
Trust me ... you can't see a thing when its dark out and not a whole lot when it isn't.

The final little piece I wanted was a bit of a path across the rock fields.
$1.21 per piece, a bit of landscape rocking moving by dear hubby, and I got my path done.

If you're coming to visit in the next few weeks ....
I have towels!

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