Wednesday, October 15, 2014

feel the love

Some of the girls had a yard sale in our front yard last Saturday.
I love going to them ... I detest having them.
The mommies were over with the babies.
I hung out with them instead.

The boys spent a few minutes getting to know each other.

Sebastian is in serious love with his feet. His toes are in his mouth more often than not.
Apparently he is also a sharing kind of boy ... not that his little cousin Wyatt could really get a hold of that big lunker foot waving in the air. It does look like he was wanting a good chomp tho'!

Isn't amazement absolutely adorable?
Like wow!

And oh my. He makes noises!

And you're okay.

I learned a new acronym from these two moms.
I was really trying to convince them to take a nap.
I can take care of the babies for a bit.
They wouldn't.
Apparently they are plagued with the same thing the little boys are.
(fear of missing out)

So I took a nap instead.

It's wedding week again.
The countdown is on.
Saturday is just a few short days away.
Brock will finally be here today and right behind him ... all the other guests.
Love it!

Good thing I took that nap!

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