Monday, January 19, 2015

a place for everything

First, remember that I am a magazine page cutter outer.
I find the things I like in magazines, rip out the pages and pitch the rest.
The problem with those pages is that they accumulate in the most unfortunate places.
Some actually make it to the universal magazine page idea storage place,
most end up in a drawer ... never to be seen again.
In the middle of crafting, redoing and organization mania around here, I came up with a plan for those pages. Alyx and I went through my fat 3-ring binder several weeks ago that holds my Ideas & Dreams. Those things change over time. What I liked 5, or even 10, years ago may not be at the top of my list anymore. We filled a trash can (or thereabouts) with some of the pages, and kept the ones that tugged at my heart strings. I would pause too long and Alyx would say "keep it". Don't you just love her?!
What to do with them? Seriously, I pitched 3 (count them!) binders over the weekend. These pages need to find a home.
Off to the scanner the first batch went this evening.
I scanned them into files I created in my computer.
(Someday I'll get to organizing external hard drives too.)
The one page that kept getting stuck and wouldn't scan ... I figured I didn't need.
The rest scanned beautifully and straight into my computer.
There really weren't a lot of them.

But how on earth do you know when you might just need a serious dose of Chocolate Lava Something or Another?!
Like today at work.
I was in serious want of chocolate.
I scrounged in my wallet and in the bottom of my work bag and finally found enough to get me a chocolate bar from the vending machine.
One of the quarters was so old and beat up that I wasn't sure the machine would even take it.
It did.
It took my money several times.
But it wouldn't give me any chocolate.
The chocolate was stuck.
Now if I had one of those molten chocolate things in my lunch bag ... the afternoon would have been that much sweeter!

The next file I labeled My Dream Palace.
I know what I want.
At least today.
It may be awhile before I am a palace owner again, but when it happens ....
my hubby will be kept mighty busy.
He likes being busy.

Then there are the fun pages that Country Living includes in their magazines.
This magazine is my absolute forever favorite.
Like, I could live inside many of those pages.
And if I started on the Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes ... I might never escape!

That would be the extent of my organization for this Monday.
The trash can received a little more of my stuff and maybe with a few minutes here and there, I'll be able to pitch one more of those chunky binders in the trash can by the weekend.

I'm working towards pitching the entire tall shelf in the trash.
My work is cut out for me!


  1. Will you come my way next? Need some motivation to get stuff organized before baby comes and I can't move anything myself for awhile. Amber

  2. I would love to come help you get organized! Wishing I could get more of it done myself!