Tuesday, January 13, 2015

last week

Sign seen in a restaurant restroom.

Little Mr. Wyatt who is growing up so fast!
He has the most infectious smile.
Makes you just make silly noises at him so he'll share another one with you.

Then there is the other little one.
He scoots around in his walker and is slowly getting into everything.
Sadly, my piano doesn't have a cover on it.
Not sadly for the great sounds that come from it,
but maybe sadly for the little hands that have free and unlimited access.
This ought to get interesting! 

Hubby working on the quad.
Take a good look at this picture.
The goal was to change tires to sand tires.
Goal was accomplished ....

even though it was in a most interesting fashion.
I really dared not look at it.
I was sort of safer inside.
Off they went Friday evening to visit those dunes that I might just rename the
Dangerous Dunes.
Jari came home as he left.
A few others didn't.
I almost can't believe it myself, but we've scheduled a trip there that includes me.
I'm going to be the Babysitting Nana.
I might ride, but I'm sure to snuggle.

Their leaving ushered in the rest of us crafting.
Blayde and Charlene working on centerpiece decorations for the wedding.
I'm not sharing the done picture.
You'll have to come to see that in person.
They turned out fabulous.

As for me .... I started something like
If You Give a Mom a Project.
It took up a few hours of my time and is nearly done.
Share coming soon.
Although I beg you excuse the quality of this photo,
I hope the content makes your heart smile as it did ours.
This little cherub was having quite a challenge with the length of the purse strap.
Grandpa was most willing to help her out.

Hoping to see you again this week sometime!

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